How To Determine If You’re Ready for Success!

How To Determine If You’re Ready for Success!

We all have that special trait that sets us apart from all others, but many of us are afraid to use what we have; and any time you are afraid, you are only setting yourself up for failure!

I want to share with you a few nuggets that will allow you to go from good to great…I believe that we all have greatness in us, but we have become so comfortable operating in good, that we feel that’s all there is! This type of thinking allows so many to operate below their skill set!

My aim is to meet you where you are, and help you go where you have dreamed!

When you understand the principle of being ready, you will begin to understand that your journey is about to begin! So right now, ask yourself; am I ready? I know you are wondering…ready for what? Are you ready to go to that next level of greatness!

All of us have dreams and goals, but how many of us truly go after what we want? I am going to give you three nuggets to help determine if you are ready for success.

  1. Are you ready to go after what you want? If you do not go after it…guess what…you will never get it! I have seen many dreamers that go after their dreams; but there are those that will sit and watch everybody else achieve their goals and dreams and wonder why I cannot achieve my goals! It is time that you go after what you want and quit sitting down on your gifts and talents! Go after what you want!
  2. Are you ready to ask questions? Understand this…if you do not ask, the answer will always be no! How many of you have received a no from someone, and that just crushed your world? Moreover, because you received that no, you put yourself in a bubble of not asking any more questions! If you are serious about changing your circumstance, you must get serious about changing your mindset, and changing your mindset requires you to ask questions! You have been created to do great things, and yet you remain stuck trying to fit in where you don’t belong…and many have learned how to function where there’s dysfunction! You know that relationship isn’t good for you, but you’ve learned how to function in the dysfunction of it…it’s time to ask yourself am I ready to ask for what I want?
  3. The third and final nugget to ask yourself; Am I ready to step forward? In others words, it is time to move! Are you willing to put the work in, to get the results that you want? Every year, people make a resolution to lose weight, but very few keep that resolution because it requires them to move out of their comfort zone. You must understand that it takes work, to get the worth! When you know your worth, you will be able to step out and receive all that you are worth…but you must know your worth! I know that fear will keep many from stepping out, but it’s time that we kick fear in the behind and step forward to our greater!

Are you ready for success? You do not need permission to be successful; you just need to be READY!